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Your New Dashboard and Activity Reports

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

We are proud to announce the deployment of our latest tool for managing your monetized content – The Youreeka Dashboard.

Your Dashboard provides easy access to all of your account, sales, and earning information on one simple page, including detailed sales and activity report links.

The Youreeeka Dashboard gives our users all of their important account information at a glance. You can monitor your purchases, sales, earnings and affiliate activity without leaving the page. Every dashboard panel gives you the options to edit, or view all of the data available. This detailed information allows Youreeeka content viewers and creators to analyze their activity and strategize marketing and promotional efforts based on real-time statistics and earnings figures.

We also provide our users with in depth reports of all account activity including content sales, affiliate sales, creator earnings and affiliate earnings. Our reports provide simple options for printing, or exporting data in whichever format suits your marketing and accounting needs. The data used to generate your reports is dynamically generated from real time activity allowing you to maximize the impact of your creator and affiliate promotions.

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